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Re: How to show the plot in Module[{}, ]?

Wrap Plot[...] in Print[] will do it I think (since I don't
have 6 to check it!)
based on a recent thread.
Also you can restore the graphics capabilities
of 5.X by

<< Version5`Graphics`

as it was pointed out by me recently.


 /  foxvexon       :
> Hi, all,
>   I am moving to V6 from V5.2.
>   Everything feels good except that I can't show the plots in { }
> regions.
>   For example, by the following lines:
>   a[] := Module[{},
>   Print["I'll be good!"];
>   Plot[Cos[x], {x, 0, 10}];
>   Print["Fine,me too"];
>   ]
>   in V5.2, the outputs would be:
>   I'll be good
>   cosine plot
>   Fine, me too
>   but in V6, only
>   I'll be good
>   Fine, me too
>   even when I eliminate the semicolon after plot (which, you know,
> will causes disorder arrangement of lines).
>   Please help, thanks a lot in advance!

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