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Re: 3D interpolation (Repost for character table problem)

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  • Subject: [mg77480] Re: 3D interpolation (Repost for character table problem)
  • From: Mathieu G <ellocomateo at>
  • Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 07:16:26 -0400 (EDT)
  • References: <f4b85l$3kj$>

Mathieu G a =E9crit :
Sorry this might sounds like a simple question, but it seems I do not
get something:

Say I have a tab delimited file with such columns:

RealX	RealY	RealZ	TargX	TargY	TargZ	Meas
....	...	...	...	...	...	...

Each column having a header, followed by values.

This file is taken from an experiment that ask a motion controller to
move to the point (TargX,TargY,TargZ). Once the position is reached the
real position (target+random positioning error) is recorded as well as a
measurement value at this point.

I would like to do
@ a 3D interpolation of Meas(x,y,z) using the real position
@ a 3D interpolation of Meas(x,y,z) using the target position
@ then make an interactive XYZ 3Dplot showing:
	@ 3 planes (intersection pt can be changed with manipulate?)
		@ YZ at X coordinate = Xintersection
		@ ZX at Y coordinate = Yintersection
		@ XY at Z coordinate = Zintersection
	@ an option to choose which of the 2interpolation is to be used

Can somebody help me do that and get more familiar with my new toy??

Any help is really really appreciated! Mathematica is like a toy, but I
really have to solve that for my research.
Best regards,

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