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Re: newlines, newlines ...


ProgressIndicator[Dynamic[k], {1, 500}]

  Integrate[Sin[k*x]^2, {x, 0, 2 Pi}], {k, 1, 500}]

work fine, what is your problem ?


alexxx.magni at wrote:
> I am wondering if there is a way, in M, to Print without getting a
> newline each time.
> It happens often to me when debugging, to introduce some kind of
> progress indicator, say:
> Print[Floor[100*i/max_i], "%"]
> but I didnt want to clutter the screen so much. Besides, hundreds of
> other possibilities come to mind when thinking about output without
> ending newline...
> As a side note, trying to solve this (minor) problem, I happened to
> find:
> ProgressIndicator[Dynamic[x]]
> something which seemed perfect!
> Yet, I'm still unable to use it: for some reasons it is not updated
> <until> the calculation (which requires the progress indicator) is
> finished. At that point, useless, the bar moves from zero to full (and
> yes, dynamic updating is enabled)
> Any hint for either problem is really welcome!
> Alessandro Magni

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