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Re: Crinkled Hyperbola (ContourPlot in Manipulate)

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  • Subject: [mg77844] Re: Crinkled Hyperbola (ContourPlot in Manipulate)
  • From: Szabolcs <szhorvat at>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 06:56:51 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: University of Bergen
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Bruce Colletti wrote:
> Re Mathematica 6.0 under WinXP.
> As the slider moves, a point glides along the hyperbola:  
> Manipulate[ContourPlot[x^2-y^2==1,{x,-3,3},{y,-3,3},Epilog->{
> PointSize at 0.02,Point@{Cosh@h,Sinh@h}}],
> {h,-1.5,1.5}]
> However, the moving point crinkles the plot, which restores itself when the mouse button is released.
> What causes the crinkling (this seems tied to ContourPlot, since no crinkling occurs when I use Plot[Sqrt[x^2-1],...])?
> Thankx.
> Bruce

One solution is to set PerformanceGoal explicitly in ContourPlot:

PointSize at 0.02,Point@{Cosh@h,Sinh@h}}, PerformanceGoal -> "Quality"],

I am not good with the new Dynamic things, but I suppose that in this 
particular case it is better to precompute the contour plot.  This way 
you can avoid the (potential) performance problems that Manipulate is 
trying to solve by setting PerformanceGoal -> "Speed" while dragging the 


   Show[cp, Graphics[{PointSize at 0.02,Point@{Cosh@h,Sinh@h}}]],


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