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Re: 6.0 Get Graphics Coordinates...

Murray Eisenberg wrote:
> That use of Tooltip merely displays the coordinates of the point.  It 
> does not save it in a buffer from which one can later paste it.
> David wrote:
>> Murray Eisenberg wrote:
>>> Useless??  Hardly!  Surely just doing Plot[...] and then Ctrl-clicking 
>>> is a lot easier for a beginner (e.g., a student using Mathematica) than 
>>> to deal with a Dynamic object.
>>> On the other hand, and apart from the issue of what to do with 
>>> Ctrl-click when the graphics object is dynamically generated, there 
>>> would seem to be a design issue: Now, in 6.0, Ctrl-mouse-button-down is 
>>> the start of a zoom-in/zoom-out for a 3D graphic.
>>> Jens-Peer Kuska wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> it has been droped because it is useless try
>>>> gr = Plot[Sin[x^2], {x, 0, 2 Pi}];
>>>> and
>>>> DynamicModule[{pnt = {0, 0}},
>>>>   gr /. Graphics[gg_, opts___] :>
>>>>     Graphics[Append[gg, Tooltip[Locator[Dynamic@ pnt], Dynamic@ pnt]],
>>>>      Prepend[Prepend[{opts}, PlotLabel -> Dynamic[pnt]],
>>>>       AxesLabel -> {Dynamic[First[pnt]], Dynamic[Last[pnt]]}]]
>>>>   ]
>>>> and
>>>> DynamicModule[{pts = {{0, 1/2}, {2, 1/2}}}, LocatorPane[Dynamic[pts],
>>>>    gr, LocatorAutoCreate -> True]]
>>>> Alt-Mouse click will add points ..
>>>> Regards
>>>>    Jens
>>>> roby.nowak at wrote:
>>>>> hello, what happened to:
>>>>> 5.2  Get Graphics Coordinates...
>>>>> in version 5.2 you could click inside a graphic and when holding down
>>>>> the <Ctrl> key the coordinates of the cursor within the graphics would
>>>>> be displayed. you could then click with the mouse and every clicked
>>>>> position got saved in a buffer. then you could copy and paste the
>>>>> saved coordinates as a list of number pairs.
>>>>> regards robert
>> How about the following simple alternative? It closely approximates the 
>> display of points available in pre-6.0, but only shows actual points on 
>> the curve (a benefit for me).
>> Plot[Tooltip[Sin[x], Dynamic[MousePosition["Graphics"]]], {x, 0, 10}]
That is correct, but in pre-6.0 versions, you were only saving points 
that corresponded to the mouse. Those may or may not be the points on 
the curve, depending on how well you could trace over the curve with the 
mouse. I was only trying provide an immediate visual feedback of actual 
values on the curve. The raw values on the curve are available within 
the graphics object if I should need to process those further.

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