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Re: ColorSchemes Palette

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  • Subject: [mg78288] Re: [mg78203] ColorSchemes Palette
  • From: DrMajorBob <drmajorbob at>
  • Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 05:38:26 -0400 (EDT)
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Another option is to define the legacy color symbols with:

define = ToExpression[# <> "=ColorData[\"Legacy\",\"" <> # <>
      "\"]"] &;
names = Select[First@ColorData["Legacy", "Range"], ! NameQ[#] &];
define /@ names;

That's the equivalent, I believe, of loading the old Colors package.


On Tue, 26 Jun 2007 03:05:06 -0500, David Park <djmpark at> wrote:

> If one does much work with colors it is quite convenient to have the
> ColorSchemes palette up and in a convenient place. However, I find that  
> this
> palette has some undesirable properties. It does not remember either its
> position or state between Mathematica sessions such as the  
> BasicMathInput or
> SpecialCharacters palettes do.
> I went to the Wolfram files and made a copy of the ColorSchemes.nb and
> saved
> it in one of my own folders - just in case of problems. Then I opened
> Mathematica, brought up the ColorSchemes palette and used the Option
> Inspector on it to change:
> Notebook Options
>  File Options
>   Editable changed to True
>   Saveable changed to True
>   ClosingAutoSave changed to True
> This worked and the palette now remembers both its position and state and
> appears to function properly. However, I wondered if there was a reason  
> that
> WRI set those options to False?
> Another feature of the ColorSchemes palette that I dislike is the  
> operation
> of the slider bars. They are hardly adequate for scrolling through the
> colors and schemes, being too sensitive when the list is long.  They  
> would
> be much better if a "LeftStepButton" and "RightStepButton"  (or in this  
> case
> up and down) could be added to the controls, or if once one had selected  
> a
> color or scheme, the up/down arrow keys could be used to scroll through  
> the
> list.
> For those who are used to using the old named colors in the  
> Graphics`Colors`
> package and are now dismayed at the great amount of typing needed in the  
> new
> scheme the following routine might be useful:
> color[] := ColorData["Legacy", "Range"]
> color[c_] := ColorData["Legacy"][SymbolName[c]]
> color[]
> color@RawUmber
> In general, the additional typing is worth the richness of the new color
> schemes.

DrMajorBob at

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