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Re: Number of digits

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  • Subject: [mg73943] Re: Number of digits
  • From: "Raj" <rajanikanth at>
  • Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 01:14:35 -0500 (EST)
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On Mar 2, 4:05 am, Robert Pigeon <robert.pig... at> wrote:
> Good afternoon,
>         How can I force Mathematica to output an answer with a certain number of
> significant digits ? What I mean is I want the answer of, let say, 1.0 / 3
> to be output in Mathematica as 0.33 for example. The reason I want to do
> that is that I am making a table (using TableForm) of a list of answers to
> use in a report. I do not want to see 0.33333 in the table just 0.33 !
>         I could use SetPrecision[1./3, 2], but I do not want to do that for every
> calculation. I have looked at $MachinePrecision and all other $.... , but I
> cannot make sense out of it.
>         So what I am trying to do, in a nut shell, is do what can be done with a
> pocket calculator, set my "visible" answer with a certain number of digits!
> Thanks,
> Robert
> Robert Pigeon
> TZ = -5

Hey Robert,

This doesn't answer ur question but u can try doing something like


Substitute your own list for {1/3,1/31,1/37}


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