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Re: About TableForm

On 3/19/07 at 5:51 AM, origine26 at (Evanescence) wrote:

>Hello Dear all: My questions are as follows: First I definition a
>function is f[x_,y_]:=2x+3y Then I use the Table so:
>Table[f[x,y],{x,0,3,1},{y,0,4,2}] Then we can get the answers
>:{{0,6,12},{2,8,14},{4,10,16},{6,12,18}} But I want to get the form
>as follows:

>x   y   f[x,y]
>0   0     0

Use Outer with TableForm. For example,

TableForm[Flatten[{#, f@@#}]&/@
    Join @@ Outer[List, Range[0, 3], Range[0, 4, 2]],
   TableHeadings -> {None, {"x", "y", "f[x,y]"}}]
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