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[Mathematica 6] Format->Magnification does not work on notebook

Is this a feature of a bug?
It used to be (in 5.2) when I do  Format->Magnification->150%  (say), then 
the WHOLE notebook will be magnified.

Now, when I do the same NOTHING happens. The fonts remain small.

One has to first go and select all the cells to be magnified, then do the 
Format->Magnification->150%, and then only those cells are magnified.

I do not understand the logic of this. I guess/I hope,  that there is an 
option to turn this "feature" off so that magnification will affect the 
whole notebook as before, I'll go look to see if so.

But I think the old way was better. (just like the old help was better)

(To the Mathematica engineers: if it AINT broke, please do NOT fix it)


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