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Re: How to get sqrt(Year^2)===Year?

I guess you are interested in real arguments.
Then the simplification is valid only for nonegative arguments
and Mathematica of course knows this.

oo == Sqrt[oo^2]
(Simplify[%, #1[oo, 0]] & ) /@ {Greater, Equal, Less}

oo == Sqrt[oo^2]

{True, True, False}


=CF/=C7 Hatto von Aquitanien =DD=E3=F1=E1=F8=E5:
> If I have some expression which takes the square root of a square, it
> evaluates leaving the whole square root expression unchanged.
> Year == (Year^2)^(1/2)
> just returns what I entered when evaluated.
> Year == Year
> evaluates to True.
> How do I persuade Mathematica to evaluate the first expression completely?
> --
> Virtus Tutissima Cassis

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