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Re: Re: Compatibility woes

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  • Subject: [mg76185] Re: [mg76099] Re: Compatibility woes
  • From: DrMajorBob <drmajorbob at>
  • Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 06:06:26 -0400 (EDT)
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OK, ColorData["Legacy", "Image"] returns a pretty picture now. (Useless,  
but pretty.)

ColorData["Legacy", "Panel"] is useable, but it might be better if it  
weren't in random order!!

ColorData["Legacy"]["PaleGreen"] works as advertised, and so does

Plot[Sin[x], {x, -Pi, Pi},
  Background -> ColorData["Legacy", "PaleGoldenrod"]]

The new features are very powerful, I admit.

The ColorSchemes palette is useless for accessing legacy colors, at my  
machine. Mouse settings and screen resolution MAY be a factor, admittedly,  
but paging down one screen at a time is a very ancient tradition for  
scroll bars, and I don't see why you would have abandoned it.

Yes, I know... this is a slider, not a scroll bar. But long lists need  


On Wed, 16 May 2007 14:22:08 -0500, Yu-Sung Chang <yusung at>  

> DrMajorBob wrote:
>> ColorData["Legacy", "Images"] returns an error:
> My mistake. Should be "Image". Also, an interactive tool can be called  
> by "Panel".
>> ColorData::notprop: Images is not a known property for ColorData. Use \
>> ColorData["Properties"] for a list of properties.
>> And neither ColorData["Legacy"][LightGreen] nor  
>> ColorData["Legacy"][PaleGreen] returns a color (RGB code).
> The name should be given as a string (otherwise, there would be no point  
> of having this special paclet, since they were already symbols).  
> ColorData[] does not define new symbols.
>> How do I Plot on a PaleGoldenrod background?
>> Plot[Sin[x], {x, -Pi, Pi}, Background -> PaleGoldenrod]
> Background->ColorData["Legacy", "PaleGoldenrod"]
> Please remember that there are a lot of overlaps in names between color  
> sets. For instance, our "Legacy" color set (derived from  
> Graphics`Colors`) and "HTML" named color set share a huge number of  
> names (and the defined colors are different).
>>> Please refer ColorData documentation for further information. Also,
>>> there is an interactive palette under "Palettes" menu, called
>>> "ColorSchemes", which will display all the available colors.
>> When I select "Named" and "Legacy", I get a scroll bar that's unusable.  
>> I can't arrow down through the list or use the page-down key, making  
>> sure that I see them all. I can't click on the slider without moving  
>> too far and missing some. I can't find Blue except by trial and error  
>> (even after sorting by name).
> If you noticed, a palette does not steal the keyboard focus from your  
> working notebook. For various reasons, but mainly because some  
> functionalities (for instance, "Insert") want to know the focused  
> notebook. The workaround is making shortcuts from some unassigned keys,  
> but it is definitely not a pretty solution.
>> When I try "paging down" in the list by clicking the control, I get  
>> different results on every attempt. Sometimes the first color after  
>> Azure is BlanchedAlmond. Sometimes it's BrownMadder. Et cetera.
> You are clicking a slider bar. Unlike the system slider, Mathematica  
> slider moves directly to the mouse position. Concerning the slider  
> speed, we found that it is reasonably responsive (not too fast or not  
> too slow) for many. Actually, it is up to the system mouse sensitivity  
> setting, not Mathematica.
> If you find that the palette is hard to use, please try  
> ColorData["Legacy","Panel"].
>> Nobody at Wolfram ever tried to USE this palette, it seems to me.
> I understand that the scrollbar can be awkward, especially if you are  
> using a touchpad. It is quite possible in the future that we add arrow  
> buttons at the top and bottom for single step moves.
> Also, the documentation deals with the function in great detail. Many of  
> your questions are already answered in there (first few "basic"  
> examples).
> Sincerely,
> Yu-Sung Chang
> Kernel Technology
> Wolfram Research, Inc.

DrMajorBob at

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