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Re: Close Evaluation Cell in Version 6.0

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  • Subject: [mg76308] Re: [mg76213] Close Evaluation Cell in Version 6.0
  • From: "Lev Bishop" <lev.bishop+mathgroup at>
  • Date: Sat, 19 May 2007 04:44:05 -0400 (EDT)
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On 5/18/07,  wrote:
> Thanks Lev.  That's an interesting method.  It appears that you can actually
> collapse a group while displaying multiple cells.  So I have a method that
> will display all the output cells while "hiding" the input cell:
> hideCode[] := (
>   SelectionMove[EvaluationNotebook[], All, GeneratedCell,
>    AutoScroll -> False];
>   FrontEndTokenExecute["OpenCloseGroup"]
>   )
> I just call hideCode[] at the end of the input cell I want hidden.  It seems
> to work reasonably well.

Here's another cute idea: make a style like this one:

Then, when you want to hide all the input cells (or other cells, if
you put the style elsewhere) you just set the TaggingRule
appropriately. Eg, if you want a checkbox in your toolbar, you can do
 DockedCells ->
       EvaluationNotebook[], {TaggingRules, "Showthosecells"}]]]],

This is exactly the way that the "Updated in 6" toggler in the top
right of updated help pages (eg Plot) works for highlighting the

Unfortunately setting CellOpen->False doesn't completely get rid of
the area occupied by the cell. Maybe there's some extra option you
need to change for it to disappear completely....


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