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Re: Re: Re: 6.0 not seeing style sheets in $InstallationDirectory/SystemFiles/FrontEnd/StyleSheets

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  • Subject: [mg76394] Re: [mg76351] Re: [mg76262] Re: 6.0 not seeing style sheets in $InstallationDirectory/SystemFiles/FrontEnd/StyleSheets
  • From: "Lev Bishop" <lev.bishop+mathgroup at>
  • Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 06:01:52 -0400 (EDT)
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On 5/20/07, Murray Eisenberg wrote:
> The original method you suggested -- deleting "MenuPosition->0" from the
> top of the style sheet file in a text editor -- works!

It does, but this is a bit of a nasty way o do it because it only
removes the cached information. If you ever edit the stylesheet and
save it again, then it will reset the cached information back to the
"definitive" value, and the stylesheet will disappear again. You said
that my "cleaner" method for fixing the stylesheet didn't work for you
on articleclassic. I just tested it on articleclassic, and it did work
just fine for me

> But this certainly seems unreasonably difficult.  Should I surmise that
> Wolfram does not want us to use any of those style sheets for new
> notebooks, and that they are just there for pre-5.2 legacy notebooks?

I can't possibly hope to fathom what WRI has in mind by this. My guess
is that the whole "MenuPosition" thing was a new piece of
functionality, to allow the customer to customize which stylesheets
appear on the menu and in which order. It seems to work. (There's a
similar functionality for Styles, just set MenuPosition for the
StyleData cells). I guess they planned to have some mechanism in the
user interface to allow you to easily turn on and off and reorder the
sheets, perhaps by options in the dialog you get from
File->Install->Stylesheet but that functionality wasn't ready in time
for 6.0. Look out for something in a future revision, I suppose....


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