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Fwd: Style sheets in 6.0

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  • Subject: [mg76405] Fwd: [mg76305] Style sheets in 6.0
  • From: "Lev Bishop" <lev.bishop+mathgroup at>
  • Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 06:07:34 -0400 (EDT)
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On 5/19/07, David Park wrote:
> Mathematica 6.0, from what I've seen so far, was done with a lot of style.
> The folks at WRI deserve great credit, not only for the major features such
> as dynamic interaction and graphics but also in many of the smaller changes.
> An example is the great functionality of Grid over the old GridBox.
> But one exception is style sheets. There is minimal documentation and what
> there is appears to be incorrect.
> I could find no way to modify an old 5.2 style sheet so the new syntax
> coloring feature worked.
> Adding ShowAutoStyles->True and ShowSyntaxStyles->True to Input cells did
> not work.

There are also options of the form:
and so on, which then activate:

Do you have those set for the cells in question?

> Nor can I understand how to create a new style sheet from scratch, or as a
> modification of the Default.nb style.
> When I brought up the Default.nb notebook and saved it under a new name, I
> could not edit the styles.

Heh. You need to change the stylesheet used by your copyofdefault.nb
from  StyleSheetFormatting while you edit it.
That stylesheet sets Editable->False.

To make that clear, this is the stylesheet that is being used while
you edit the other stylesheet.

> Also, when I started with a new notebook in the Default style and tried to
> edit the style sheet I was not given the choice of bringing up the shared
> style sheet, editing it, and saving it under a new name. There was no choice
> menu. It appears that all I could do was import a private style sheet to the
> notebook.

No, what you do instead is say to edit the stylesheet. Then you click
on the "Inheriting  base definitions from..." cell, which opens up the
parent stylesheet. Then you can "save as" that stylesheet as a private
copy. Or even save it over the original stylesheet if you want to make
your change permanently. (Again, the StyleSheetFormatting stylesheet
sets Savable->False, so you won't do that by accident).


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