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Re: Mathematica 6 review [first impressions]

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  • Subject: [mg76410] Re: [mg76372] Mathematica 6 review [first impressions]
  • From: Andrzej Kozlowski <akoz at>
  • Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 06:10:10 -0400 (EDT)
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Its really strange but you seem to have missed the most obvious and  
very noticeable thing: the completelynew graphic engine. Jus tto  
illustrate it:

1. Make simple plot:

Plot[Sin[x], {x, -2 Pi, 2 Pi}]

Click on the graphic to select it. Now doble click on the graph of of  
the function. You can then drag the grtaph around with the mouse.  
triple click on the graph. You will see individual points that you  
can now edit to change the shape of the curve. Look under the  
Graphics menu. You will find a set of drawing tools that you can use  
to edit the graphic further.

2. Try this:

ContourPlot3D[((Sqrt[x^2 + y^2] - 1)^2 + z^2 -
     0.2) ((Sqrt[(x - 2.5)^2 + (y - 2.5)^2] - 1)^2 + z^2 -
     0.2) ((Sqrt[(x - 5)^2 + (y - 5)^2] - 1)^2 + z^2 -
     0.2) ((Sqrt[(x + 2.5)^2 + (y + 2.5)^2] - 1)^2 + z^2 -
     0.2) ((Sqrt[(x + 5)^2 + (y + 5)^2] - 1)^2 + z^2 - 0.2), {x, -7,
   7}, {y, -7, 7}, {z, -2, 2}, Contours -> {0}, Mesh -> None, Axes ->  
  ContourStyle -> Green, Boxed -> False]

This may take a bit of time, depending onthe speed of yoru computer  
try doing this with any previous version of Matheamtica (without the  
help of Jens Kuska's MathGl3D)  Not to mention the fact that you can  
now rotate this thing in real time.

And that's just a few of the most obvous (to me)  new things.

It seems to me you have missed the "raison d'etre" of Mathematica 6.0

Andrzej Kozlowski

On 20 May 2007, at 15:40, science2003 at wrote:

> Premise: I use Mathematica. here and then -not everyday. Symbolic  
> calculus,
> matrix algebra, with plotting, etc. are mine 80% activity on  
> Mathematica.
> I was curious on the hype that mounted. I look around for  "first
> impression" reports. But I did not find many. So here is mine. Just
> first (partial) impressions  on a Win2k. I hope someone can add others
> Installation (trial v.): It is a big one! At the end in the Wolfram
> folder there are more than 800Mb, plus I guess the files spread in
> Application data and (I hope just few of them) in the System.
> Interface: It did not change so much. I know that almost everyone say
> it did. But inputs needed to be inserted as usual. I would say that
> another system did change its interface (the one in Java) not  
> Mathematica.
> The first thing  (I guess a big one) that one notices is the  
> coloring code.
> Helpful, but not amazing. Not all menus are in the same position. I
> notice that "Palettes" have gain a place of first order (it was before
> under "File" at least in v4.x).
> Palettes: There are some new. One of it about layout (Document,
> article, report, etc). But unfortunately I was unable to find the main
> I always used: Basic Calculations. This is a big miss! For a saltuary
> user it helped to input correctly and carry on the job, without too
> much mistakes. If it is not hidden somewhere this is certainly a minus
> of Mathematica 6. It was probably also in 5.2 (I do not have it):  
> it is possible
> to add  new palettes from your calculations. To add them it easy. I
> was unable to find how to remove them! (probably the only way is to go
> in the folder where they are placed and physically remove them.)
> Help files: You have the opportunity to see the 5 minutes introduction
> to Mathematica 6. But the new helper system is indeed less helpful  
> of the
> revious versions of Mathematica. Several links are for online  
> material.
> Tutorials refer to (at least the one I met) to a online courses
> (starting from $800!). Why they do not make tutorials online these
> days! They will expand the possible user base and sell more copies!
> Well this is a topic for next time. I notice also that the help is
> also much slower than the old version. (My CPU is just 1100Mhz).
> Dynamics and cursors: I look at What new and the main thing that I
> remember was sliders and dynamics. They are nice features that
> already attracted - as I see - here much attention. I do not have the
> competence to assess if they are also revolutionary. For my needs
> probably not.
> Under the hood: in a fist impression after a day of experience I
> cannot really assess them. I hope others can as I hope that others can
> tell more on "user experience", not just "expert experience"

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