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Re: TeXForm and custom LaTeX macros

Hi Jens-Peer,

Sorry for my delay in replying.

On May 17, 7:59 pm, Jens-Peer Kuska <k... at>
> MakeBoxes[dddot[y_], fmt_: StandardForm] :=
>   OverscriptBox[MakeBoxes[y, fmt], "\[TripleDot]"]

Thanks for this!
I'm a bit confused regarding the TeXForm of this. How does this code
tell Mathematica to output "\dddot{y}" instead of "\text{dddot}(y)",
as it usually would?

Also (if I may ask), do you know if it's possible to adjust the way
that parentheses are output in TeXForm? For example, if I would like
"(a + b) c // TeXForm" to result in "[a+b]c" or, *even better*,
"\group{a+b}c" ?

Many thanks,

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