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Using Locators in Mathematica v6

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  • Subject: [mg76443] Using Locators in Mathematica v6
  • From: "Coleman, Mark" <Mark.Coleman at>
  • Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 02:53:54 -0400 (EDT)


I've been exploring some of the new dynamic interface elements in Mathematica v6
and I must say they are very impressive indeed. I've managed to set-up
some useful examples using Manipulate. Unfortunately the documentation

One example I am working on involves the use of Locators. The example
itself seem straightforward but I cannot quite get the effect I am
looking for.  I am hoping someone on MathGroup can point me in the right

Briefly, I want to illustrate the effects that outlier points an have on
a line of best fit. For my example, I generate a small random set of
points (x(i), y(i)), where y(i) = a + b x(i) + randomerror(i), for
values a and b. I then calculate the line of best fit using Fit[ ]. I
next ListPlot[ ] the underlying set of points and overlay the resulting
line from Fit[ ]. So far very simple.

In my dynamic example, I'd like to have a locator button appear on the
graph such that the (x,y) location of the locator becomes an additional
data point in the overall data set, and thereafter a new line of best
fit is calcuated and displayed. Thus as the user moves the locator, a
new best fit line is displayed.

I'd appreciate any assistance other readers might offer.



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