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Re: Image rotation?

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  • Subject: [mg76434] Re: Image rotation?
  • From: Szabolcs <szhorvat at>
  • Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 02:49:13 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: University of Bergen
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AES wrote:
> I see that there's an "ImageRotated" option in Export[] -- but:
> 1)  This will only do 90 deg CW rotation, but no other options -- right?
> [Actually, I don't see that the documentation actually says what 
> rotation is done.]

The documentation says:
"ImageRotated is an option for Export and Display which specifies 
whether images should be rotated into landscape mode."

> 2)  Original image, in the Mathematica is not rotated -- correct?

Why don't you try it yourself? (In version 5.2, ) ImageRotation is an 
option for Export, not Graphics. It has no effect on the how graphics 
are displayed in the Front End.

> 3)  If I ImageRotate an image that I'm Exporting inPDF format (or other 
> formats, such as EPS), will that convert the page size or select 
> landscape mode for the surrounding artboard when I then open that image 
> in Illustrator or Acrobat?  (I'm guessing not).

Why don't you try it?

In Adobe Reader I see an image rotated by 90 deg counter-clockwise.

Illustrator can rotate the image by any angle (you don't need to export 
it rotated).

> 4)  No other image rotation capabilities in Mathematica, right?  For 
> example, I can't code something like 
>    g1 = Plot[xxxxxxxxxxx]//Rotated
> into a cell, and have g1 be rotated whenever it's used from then on?  

What do you want to do exactly?

For v6, see
But this only rotates graphics primitives, not complete plots.

For v5.2, I think you have to write your own functions, but it is not 
very difficult to do.

> Or, I can't write
>    Show[GraphicsArray[{{g1, g2//Rotated, g3},
>                                 {g4//Rotated, g5, g6}}]
> and achieve the obvious result?
> Unless I'm missing something, this seems a significant lack of 
> capability.

Why don't you tell us what is it exactly that you want to rotate? Do you 
need to rotate the complete graphic, together with axes, labels etc., or 
just the plot?

If you need a simple plot, try

ParametricPlot[{Sin[y], y}, {y, 0, 2Pi}]

This "rotates" the sine curve but not the tick labels (but those can be 
rotated too if you really need it, it's just a bit more complicated).


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