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[Admin] MathGroup Issues

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  • Subject: [mg76827] [Admin] MathGroup Issues
  • From: Steve Christensen <steve at>
  • Date: Mon, 28 May 2007 00:59:10 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: Steven M. Christensen and Associates, Inc.
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Greetings Group -

I want to list a few issues that have come up in administering the 
newsgroup and mailing list lately.

As you will have noticed, the posts to the group have doubled since the 
release of Mathematica 6.  This is good, but it means that you will be 
getting a lot more emails. 

I strongly urge any of you who can read the posts on the 
comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica newsgroup, to do that and remove yourself 
from the email list.  This will speed up the processing of the posts and 
get them out of your mail boxes.

I have been getting a lot of "mailbox full" type messages which usually 
means that some of you will not be getting all the posts.  Clear out 
your mailboxes.

Also, the AOL and Comcast ISPs, in their brilliance, now think that 
MathGroups posts are spam.  This means that users that get their 
internet from those two lovely ISP's will likely not get the posts.  I 
have contacted both AOL and Comcast, or have attempted to, but they just 
seem not to care or their methods are so convoluted I do not have the 
time to deal with them.   If you are an AOL or Comcast user, you will 
have to complain yourself or get a gmail account or something.  I am 
feed up with them.

Some of you are sending mail with

HTML attachments
Other attachments
Special characters
Long lines

These all come to me with a variety of unreadable things.  Remember that 
a lot of people use email readers that are ascii only and so your posts 
will look like gibberish.  Long lines end up with = signs at the end. 
Posts have things like =3D etc in them.  I cannot accurately edit these 
so they look reasonable.  There have been a number of posts recently 
that tell you how to copy notebook entries into an email.  If you want 
to send me a test mail, I can tell you if it looks OK.

Turn off HTML email in your email clients.

Do not send attachments of any kind.  These might look like spam and 
delay your post.  If you have to show a notebook or graphic, put it on 
the web somewhere and point to it in your email.

Don't put Greek or other special characters in your Mathematica.  These 
just do not translate into readable ascii for a lot of group members.

Finally, though this has been less of a problem recently, do not make 
personal comments about a person's intelligence, interests, or whatever.
I will reject such posts.

Do not include discussion of non-Mathematica systems.


Steve Christensen

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