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Re: Single most useful dynamic/interactive capability in Mathematica?

In article <fh1bvb$b84$1 at>, David Reiss <dbreiss at> 

> On Nov 8, 6:18 am, AES <sieg... at> wrote:
> > Q.   What would be _the_ single _most useful_ dynamic or interactive
> >       capability that might be added to Mathematica?
> >
> > A.   The ability to sort an already completed and displayed table on
> >       any column, simply by clicking on the top of that column, as one
> >       can do on the columns of Finder windows in List view in the Mac.
> Hi,

> So, I think my point here is that it is unnecessary to "add features"
> of this sort to Mathematica; the set of tools to create them is all
> there.

Thanks, I do understand that -- but it's also the case that Mathematica 
does come with certain semi-universally-standard and heavily used "point 
and click" interactive tools (aka "features") built into the Front End 
-- for example, the ability to select an entire word in a notebook by 
dbl-clicking anywhere in it, or the new interactive graphics editing 
tools, which appear to be very "Illustrator-like".

So I guess I'm posting a vote that this kind of point-and-click table 
sorting capability would be widely useful enough that it ought to be 
very high on the list of future built-in features to be added (or anyway 

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