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Re: classes.m

iitamanna at wrote:

> I wanted to know how can I use the .m files that i download from some
> source on web.
> I downloaded Classes.m file and placed it in WolframResearch
> \Mathematica\5.2\AddOns\ExtraPackages\ProgrammingInMathematica
> but still when i try to include or use this file ..i get
> "Can not open Classes.m file"
> how can i include properly and use the .m files.
> Also Get cn take as an argument directory path, how that should be
> specifies

You can choose either one of the following solutions:

1) Move the file Classes.m out of the directory ProgrammingInMathematica 
   and put it into the parent directory 
WolframResearch\Mathematica\5.2\AddOns\ExtraPackages\Classes.m, then 
evaluate Needs["Classes`"]

2) Keep the package Classes.m in the directory ProgrammingInMathematica 
  and evaluates Needs["ProgrammingInMathematica`Classes`"] (you can 
disregard the warning message).

You can check that Classes is correctly loaded by evaluating



and start using it.


Class[class, superclass, variables, methods] defines a new class as a \
subclass of superclass. Class[object] gives the class of an object.


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