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Re: Sort problem

Sort by default will put the elements of the list into canonical
order, which appears to be what you want. Namely:

In[6]:= Sort[{{r, 2}, {a, 3}, {x, 4}}]

Out[6]= {{a, 3}, {r, 2}, {x, 4}}

This is equivalent functionally to Sort[{{r, 2}, {a, 3}, {x, 4}},
OrderedQ[{#1, #2}] &] although supplying your own sort function
usually has a drastic impact on performance (noticeable on large

#1[[1]] < #2[[1]] & did not work because the 'Less' function (<) is
not defined for strings. You can see this by trying to evaluate:

In[9]:= {a, 3}[[1]] < {r, 2}[[1]]

Out[9]= a < r



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