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RE: Re: Generic TCPIP sockets in Mathematica (Mathlink?) > incorporation of external sensors and 16-button mouse


I would like to generalize this problem in the following sense.

I have not updated to version 6.x, yet.
However, since the 6.x version has some nice graphic interface,
I would like to be able to incorporate my

16-button mouse via one port,
a big digitizer via second port, and say
some form of  color scanner via the third port (parallel, serial, usb,
anything, ...)

into this new 6.x environment,
on-line, live, without need of transfer of data files.

I presume, the MathLink is way to go;
My question is, does someone already have some experience with this,
And/or did he wrote some program/interface to accomplish these, and similar
i.e., control external sensors via Mathematica program.

Tnx, andy

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MathLink run fine in the communication of two
C programs without any Mathematica kernel. But you
*have* to write some C/C++ code ..


Christian Chong-White wrote:
> Hi All
> I acknowledge an earlier post on this topic (I found) but raise it
> again here in case there is some recent innovation.
> I am wanting to communicate across a TCPIP socket connection from
> Mathematica to and from an external application (for interest: a
> traffic microsimulation application). There is a defined protocol I
> would implement. Is there anyway of doing this within Mathematica,
> i.e., without the duress of writing additional Java or C/C++ code?
> For example, Mathlink seems a nice related facility but appears locked
> in to Mathematica-to-Mathematica-only usage.
> Cheers
> Christian

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