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Re: Dashing[] problem with eps -> pdf -> printer

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  • Subject: [mg82015] Re: Dashing[] problem with eps -> pdf -> printer
  • From: Szabolcs Horvát <szhorvat at>
  • Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2007 05:43:03 -0400 (EDT)
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Mark Fisher wrote:
> Hi all,
> I create graphs in Mathematica, export them to EPS, import them into
> my papers using LaTeX and convert the DVI file to PDF. The PDF looks
> great on screen, but there is a problem when I print. The problem is
> that dashing lines (that appear on screen) do not appear in the
> printed version. (With my father's printer, the dashing lines do
> appear, but they are solid, not dashing.)
> The problem can be replicated without using LaTeX, by directly
> distilling the EPS graph to PDF. Here is an example:
> dashingstyle = Dashing[Join[{.10}, Table[.007, {9}], {1}]];
> frameplot =
>  Graphics[{{dashingstyle, Line[{{-1, 0}, {1, 0}}]}}, Frame -> True,
>   FrameTicks -> None, FrameStyle -> dashingstyle, PlotRange -> 1]
> Export["frameplot.eps", frameplot]
> Then distill frameplot.eps -> frameplot.pdf. It looks fine on screen,
> but on my printer (HP LaserJet 1012) the printed version is blank! (If
> I include non-dashing lines, they print fine.)  I use Abode distiller
> Version 7. I've tried Version 5 as well.
> Any ideas as to what's behind this? This may not be a Mathematica
> problem but it is disconcerting.

If the EPS and PDF look fine on screen, then this is not a Mathematica 
problem, but possible an issue with the printer driver.

On a side note:  You can export PDF directly from Mathematica, and 
include PDF figures directly in LaTeX (if you use pdflatex).


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