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Re: Picewise Function

It's round-about, I admit, but f2 fits the requirements you've listed:

Clear[f1, f2]
f1[zve_, kap_] := (est07[zve + kap] - est07[zve])/kap
f2[zve_, kap_] /; f1[zve, kap] < 0.25 := f1[zve, kap]

Any use of f2 with two arguments will result in computing f1[zve, kap], 
but f2[zve, kap] will return unevaluated if f1[zve, kap] >= 0.25.


On Wed, 10 Oct 2007 23:20:58 -0500, Frank Hechtner <frank.hechtner at>  

> hi,
> I'm in trouble with a function. i created the following one
> (est07[zve + kap] - est07[zve])/kap (something about german taxes,
> refers to other functions)
> Now i want mathematica to tell that this function uses a specific
> domain. The function should only be defined if the result of the
> evaluation is <= 0.25.
> Does anyone know how to realize this=?
> Thanks for help
> frank


DrMajorBob at

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