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Re: Implicit plotting issues

nateomason at schrieb:
> So I am plotting an implicit function the that has small y values(0
> to .5) and large x values(0 to 74).
> the graph i get is not readable and i can 't resize it using the edges
> it is lame.
> So does anyone know how to rescale the the implicit plot so that i
> could read it. I have included my code, below. I am using Mathematica
> 5.2

Could you please post future code snippets as InputForm so that we could 
read it?

<< "Graphics`ImplicitPlot`"
u0 = 76;
\[Omega] = Pi/12;
uh = u0/E^(k*t);
up = 7*(5 - 5/E^(k*t) - (1/(k^2 + \[Omega]^2))*
       ((2*k*((-k)*Cos[3*\[Omega]] + \[Omega]*Sin[3*\[Omega]] + 
E^(k*t)*(k*Cos[(-3 + t)*\[Omega]] +
            \[Omega]*Sin[(-3 + t)*\[Omega]])))/E^(k*t)));
myANS = uh + up;
U = myANS;

If you like the aspect ratio of the (t,k)-plane in your 3d-plot, you 
should assign that plot to a variable

p3d = Plot3D[U, {t, 0, 72}, {k, 0.2, 0.48}];

and extract the option AspectRatio from it:

ImplicitPlot[U == 30, {t, 0, 72}, {k, 0.2, 0.48},
   AspectRatio -> (AspectRatio /. AbsoluteOptions[p3d])]

But you can give any number in AspectRatio->(height/width)


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