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Re: Plot, Epilog, and Text

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  • Subject: [mg80827] Re: [mg80798] Plot, Epilog, and Text
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  • Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 06:15:08 -0400 (EDT)
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I find here two problems:
1. The second argument of g is expected to have head Real, while you call it
with the EXACT NUMBER 3 that has a head Integer, so g is not evaluated. This
can be solved by either
1. Calling g with 3.0 (or 3.) and not 3
2. define g as g[X_String,w_(Real|Integer),f_]:=...
3. define g as g[X_String,w_?NumberQ,f_]:=...

after fixing this, the PlotRange->All in the first example is not "tall"
enough to show the required "X" string so you need to move from All to more
sepecific value for the vertical axis

On 9/2/07, Bruce Colletti <vze269bv at> wrote:
> Re 6.0.1 under WinXP.
> Why does the first Plot fail but not the second?
> They seem equivalent:  the former simply uses a function to implement the
> Text command that is explicit in the second Plot.
> Thankx.
> Bruce
> f=PDF[NormalDistribution[3,Sqrt[6]],x];
> g[X_String,w_Real,f_]:=Text[Style[X,12,Bold],{w,f/.{x->w}},{0,-2}];
> Clear@x;
> Plot[f,{x,-40,40},PlotRange->All,Epilog->{g["X",3,f]}]
> Plot[f,{x,-40,40},PlotRange->All,Epilog->{Text[Style["X",12,Bold],{3,f/.{x->3}}]}]

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