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Re: Confusing documentation on ColorData, where to get list of ColorFunctions ?

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  • Subject: [mg81022] Re: Confusing documentation on ColorData, where to get list of ColorFunctions ?
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  • Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2007 03:51:07 -0400 (EDT)
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On Sep 7, 2:19 am, "Nasser Abbasi" <n... at> wrote:
> ref/ColorData  says
> "ColorData[] gives a list of names
>  collections of color schemes"
> But When I type ColorData[] nothing
> really comes up.

I get:
{Gradients, Indexed, Named, Physical}

Each of these specifies a collection of color
shemes. ColorData["Gradients"] yields a list of
strings, one of which is BlueGreenYellow.
ColorData[s], where s is a string yields a
function that returns a color directive when fed a
number in [0,1].  As a convenience, the Plot
commands allow you to specify the color using a
string, rather than the whole color function.

Suppose we'd like to see the color schemes.  Let's
check the properties available to the ColorData

yields a list of possible properties. One of these
is "Image".  If we try
ColorData["BlueGreenYellow", "Image"] we get a
color strip for the scheme. We can generate a list
of labeled color strips for all the Gradients
color schemes using:
Labeled[ColorData[#, "Image"], #] & /@

It should be noted that the *Data functions
follow certain conventions.  Thus,
*Data["Properties"] yields a list of properties
for that Data function.


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