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Re: Stylesheet Question

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  • Subject: [mg81199] Re: Stylesheet Question
  • From: David Reiss <dbreiss at>
  • Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 04:13:25 -0400 (EDT)
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A couple of quick answers.  There are two issues at play in what you
are observing (and so you are right that it is two questions!).

There ia a Notebook option, DefaultNewCellStyle, that specifies what
CellStyle a new cell will be.


DefaultNewCellStyle is a notebook option which specifies the default
style to use for new cells created in the notebook.

If you want to change the style that new cells in a notebook will be
just execute something like,

SetOptions[EvaluationNotebook[], DefaultNewCellStyle -> "Text"]

in the notebook.  Of course this can be set at the level of the stye
sheet so that any notebook that uses that style sheet will have a
particular DefaultNewCellStyle.  I use this option to define a button
in a palette in A WorkLife FrameWork that toggles amongst several
styles.  IF you are writing a report, for example, you want that
notebook to have  DefaultNewCellStyle -> "Text", at least while you
are doing a lot of writing.

The second issue has to do with what happens when you are typing in a
cell and then hit a charriage return.  Generally this causes you to
just go to a new line in that cell.  But you can also set an option
that, when you hit a carriage return, will cause the notebook to
create a new cell of a particular type.  Thisis what you are observing
for the  JournalArticle style sheet.  This is the case for Title
Author and Section cells.  This makes sense because when you start
typing a JournalArticle you will want the top matter to have a
particular form.  And when you start a new section you will want the
next cell to have a particular form, and so on.

Here is the style definition for the Title cell in the XXXX
stylesheet.  From this you can see the options at work:


But, if you place your insertion point between cells in a
JournalArticle you will, once you start to type, create a Text cell.
If you want this to be different, then, for example, execute

SetOptions[EvaluationNotebook[], DefaultNewCellStyle -> "Input"]

in that notebook and it will override the default "Text" cell setting
for that style sheet.

I hope that this helps...

A WorkLife FrameWork
E x t e n d i n g MATHEMATICA's=AE Reach...=99

On Sep 14, 4:10 am, "Kevin J. McCann" <Kevin.McC... at> wrote:
> In the JournalArticle Stylesheet it seems that the cell styles run
> something like: Title,Author,Section,Text. That is, in a new nb the
> first cell is by default Title, after that is typed in the next is
> Author, and so on.
> Two questions (maybe the same), what parameters determine this, and how
> can I make my own stylesheet with the same cell types, but the default
> is always Input?
> Thanks,
> Kevin

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