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Re: Colored Output at wrote:
> I would like to have evaluated expression with some costants painted
> in a particular color, just to make reading easier.
> Say my input is
> D[a*Sin[x]]
> and the output should be
> a*Cos[x]
> with colored "a", say magenta.
> Is this achievable, and how? which kind of attributed of the constant
> a should I set?

I don't know much about expression formatting.  While this appears to 
work in a few simple tests, I do not know how robust it is:

MakeBoxes[a, StandardForm] = StyleBox["a", FontColor -> Red]

After this line has been evaluated, the symbol 'a' will be printed in 
red (when output is set to StandardForm).  The formatting rule can be 
removed with

MakeBoxes[a, StandardForm] =.


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