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Printing Mathematica stuff via KPrinter

(This message was originally sent to the list about eight months ago. On the 
off-chance that anyone has some new input, I'm sending it again.)

Hi, all, 

    I usually use Mathematica (6.0.1) from linux, specifically, the KDE WM. I 
would like to use the "kprinter" program to print notebooks directly, but 
kprinter is not listed as a possible printer (though it is in many other 
programs; I suppose these other programs might be tied more closely to KDE's 
libraries or something). 

   Is there a way of adding a printer "manually" (via a configuration file?) 
or of making Mathematica notice that pseudoprinters are available to the 

        Many thanks, 
                       Curtis O.
Curtis Osterhoudt
cfo at
PGP Key ID: 0x4DCA2A10
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