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Re: List concatenation speed

On Apr 13, 12:34 am, car... at wrote:
> I am building mesh plots that require concatenation of thousands of
> Graphics objects into one list for Show[].  This is done by appending
> objects as they are created, and there are several ways to do that.
> Tested 3 of them for speed using a simple object:
>      p=Table[x,{50}]; n=10000;
>      ClearAll[poly]; poly={};
>      Print[Timing[Do[AppendTo[poly,p],{i,1,n}]]];
>      ClearAll[poly]; poly={};
>      Print[Timing[Do[poly=Append[poly,p],{i,1,n}]]];
>      ClearAll[poly]; poly={};
>      Print[Timing[Do[poly=Join[poly,{p}],{i,1,n}]]];
> {5.8395 Second,Null}
> {5.7206 Second,Null}
> {6.29728 Second,Null}
> Tests were run on version 5.2 on a G5 desktop Mac. I expected Join to
> win, but it didnt.  Is there a faster way?

Try Reap/Sow. Also, see

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