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Re: Abs[x] function

On 18 Apr, 08:39, Vladislav <kazimi... at> wrote:
> Who can explain the behavior. THe derivative Abs[x] at x=.5 is well
> defined and is equal to 1.
> In[1]:= D[Abs[x], x]
> Out[1]=
> \!\(\*SuperscriptBox["Abs", "\[Prime]",
> MultilineFunction->None]\)[x]
> In[2]:= % /. x -> .5
> Out[2]=
> \!\(\*SuperscriptBox["Abs", "\[Prime]",
> MultilineFunction->None]\)[0.5]


Please use "copy as plain text" when pasting Mathematica expressions,
so it will be easier to read them.

Just use FunctionExpand on the result to get a concrete value.

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