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Re: problem accessing notebooks



AppendTo[$Path,"C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\rosenthal\Eigene 

what you do with SetDirectory[] is irrelevant for the package search.


Dietmar Rosenthal wrote:
> dear forum,
> I am trying to fix some mathematica-code that someone else wrote, and I am stumped: When running a package that contains the following code-fragment:
> setDirectory ["C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\rosenthal\Eigene Dateien\Symkin\Mathematica\SYMKIN"]; 
> BeginPackage["Symkin`",{ 
>              "GlobalKinematics`TopologicalStructure`", 
>              "GlobalKinematics`GlobalChains`", 
>              "SingleLoops`SolveSingleLoop`", 
>              "SingleLoops`GetSubstitutions`", 
>              "SingleLoops`GenerateConstraints`", 
>              "SingleLoops`BuildIPM`", 
>              "SingleLoops`ConstraintProjections`", 
>              "SingleLoops`GenerateVelocities`", 
>              "SingleLoops`GenerateAccelerations`", 
>              "SingleLoops`SolveLinearEquations`", 
>              "Graphs`LeafDetection`", 
>              "Graphs`KinematicalNetwork`", 
>              "Graphs`LoopBasis`", 
>              "Graphs`SpanningTree`", 
>              "Graphs`KinematicsToGraphs`", 
>              "Graphs`CycleBasis`",             
>              "Graphs`CycleBasis2`",             
>              "Graphs`CycleBasis3`",             
>              "Graphs`CycleBasis4`",             
>              "Graphs`CycleBasis6`",             
>              "Graphs`ShortestPath`",             
>              "Jacobians`GenerateJacobians`",             
>              "Jacobians`DeriveJacobians`",             
>              "Jacobians`Make6x1Vector`",             
>              "Transformations`Make4x4Matrix`", 
>              "Transformations`SimplifyChain`", 
>              "Transformations`NormalizeTransformations`", 
>              "Transformations`SwapAxes`", 
>              "Transformations`BasicTransformations`", 
>              "Transformations`PartitionChain`", 
>              "Algebra`Trigonometry`", 
>              "ImplicitSolutions`ImplicitSolutions`", 
>              "ImplicitSolutions`ExtractEdges`", 
>              "ImplicitSolutions`JointConstraints`", 
>              "ImplicitSolutions`JointConstraints`", 
>              "Dynamics`KinematicDifferentials`",   
>              "Help`ExtractReferenceSystems`", 
>              "Help`GenerateEquationSequence`", 
>              "Help`GenerateCORDICBlocks`", 
>              "Help`GenerateNumericValues`"}]
> I get the error message:
> Get::noopen: Cannot open GlobalKinematics`TopologicalStructure`
> (I added the first line of the code fragment to overcome this problem, and the package of name TopologicalStructure resides in the subdirectory GlobalKinematics). So, although the files seem to be in the right place, mathematica will not access them. Is there some other path-variable that I need to set, e.g. a variable containing the default-path for packages or something like that? Also, you might want to know that this package did run under earlier versions of mathematica, and, was designed for mathematica 4, I think.
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> Dietmar

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