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Re: Print[Plot] vs Print[text,Plot]?

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  • Subject: [mg88134] Re: Print[Plot] vs Print[text,Plot]?
  • From: Helen Read <read at>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 03:42:01 -0400 (EDT)
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AES wrote:
> In article <fupm41$s4n$1 at>, Helen Read <hpr at> 
> wrote:
>> There are a *lot* of extremely useful things "New in 6.0" that are very 
>> much worth the effort to learn.
> Yes, I totally agree.
> So, could you please point me to the well-organized, well-written, 
> well-illustrated introduction to (repeat: "Introduction to", not 
> "Detailed Reference Documentation for") the most important and useful of 
> these new things (and the ones most changed since 5.n), 
> --that I can order for $20 or $30 from amazon (a very small fraction of 
> the cost of Mathematica itself) (although something that, with more 
> savvy software developers, comes in the box with the product itself)
> --and  can read in the evening, or on my next plane trip, or in the 
> dentist's waiting room, or during a particularly dull meeting
> --and can thereby get an _overview_ --- a _roadmap_ -- a _preview_ ---  
> of these useful new things, to let me know what I need to dig into 
> further to meet my particular, specific needs as a user (and which of 
> these I won't immediately need and can ignore).
> What?  You want me to go to the Mathematica Documentation Center?  
> Several _hundred_ tersely labeled clickable links just on the initial 
> page?  Each of which leads, not to a simple introduction, but to a 
> complex formal documentation page with multiple further links to click?  
> And all of which can only be read and navigated _on screen_?
> You and I, I'm afraid, just think differently.

Not to turn this into a flame-fest, but how exactly would you know how I 

As for using the Mathematica Documentation Center to learn what is new 
in 6.0, I don't quite see what the problem is. Each of the major 
categories (Core Language, Visualization and Graphics, etc.) has a "New 
in 6" link at the bottom, which will take you directly to a succinct 
list of new functions in 6.0, with links to further information and 
examples of their use. I found the "New in 6" pages to be extremely 
helpful when I first upgraded to 6.0, and I still consult them regularly.

There is also a Virtual Book, which you can get to clicking on the book 
icon in the Documentation Center (up at the top, to the left of the 
search field).

Helen Read
University of Vermont

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