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minimize with complex numbers

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  • Subject: [mg91280] minimize with complex numbers
  • From: shama shahbaz <shammashahbaz at>
  • Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 04:40:04 -0400 (EDT)
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i have transformed my complex valued problem into real value problem as below but still when i try to MInimize it i didnt get a solution
(a1+b1i)x[1] +(a2+b2i) x[2]=0
(c1+d1i)x[1] +(c2+d2i) x[2]=0
a1 u1 - b1 v1 + a2 u2 - b2 v2 = 0
c1 u1 - d1 v1 + c2 u2 - d2 v2 = 0
a1 v1 + b1 u1 + a2 v2 + b2 u2 = 0
c1 v1 + d1 u1 + c2 v2 + d2 u2 = 0,
Minimize[{(0.83 u1+0.4 u2-0.25 u3+3 u4+0.16 v1+0.6 v2+1.25 v3-2 v4)2+(2 u1-0.16 u2-0.6 u3-1.25 u4+3 v1+0.83 v2+0.4 v3-0.25 v4)2+(0.4 u1-0.25 u2+3 u3+0.83 u4+0.6 v1+1.25 v2-2 v3+0.16 v4)2+(-1.25 u1+2 u2-0.16 u3-0.6 u4-0.25 v1+3 v2+0.83 v3+0.4 v4)2+(-0.25 u1+3 u2+0.83 u3+0.4 u4+1.25 v1-2 v2+0.16 v3+0.6 v4)2+(-0.6 u1-1.25 u2+2 u3-0.16 u4+0.4 v1-0.25 v2+3 v3+0.83 v4)2+(3 u1+0.83 u2+0.4 u3-0.25 u4-2 v1+0.16 v2+0.6 v3+1.25 v4)2+(-0.16 u1-0.6 u2-1.25 u3+2 u4+0.83 v1+0.4 v2-0.25 v3+3 v4)2},{u1>0,v1>0,u2>0,v2>0,u3>0,v3>0,u4>0,v4>0},{u1,v1,u2,v2,u3,v3,u4,v4}]
The error is
Minimize::vdom : Variable domain {u1,v1,u2,v2,u3,v3,u4,v4} should be either Reals or Integers. 
i didnt understand it can anybody tell me what should i do .

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