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Re: Making parts of formulae blinking

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  • Subject: [mg91301] Re: Making parts of formulae blinking
  • From: David Bailey <dave at>
  • Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 07:00:13 -0400 (EDT)
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Alexei Boulbitch wrote:

> In my previous letter for the sake of shortness I have given an oversimplified 
> expression AB+xy. The procedure "Accentuate" works perfectly on it. In reality however, one often 
> needs to accentuate parts of an expression that have different lengths. Further, often there are more than two 
> parts of the same expression that should be accentuated separately. In this case a straightforward use 
> of the operator Accentuate results in a change of the order of the parts of the expression. 
> For example, I need to discuss four parts of the same expression. They should be discussed separately 
> from one another. Here they are: 

My solution to this would be to define a simple function - say acc:

acc[x_] :=
  Dynamic[Refresh[Style[x, Hue[Random[]]], UpdateInterval -> 0.3]]

Now you can write partially accentuated expressions such as


and it will evaluate to a partially accentuated expression.

Please note, however, that the randomly varying hue is meant as a joke - 
I don't want to be held responsible for any headaches it produces!

BTW, I agree very much with David Park that there is enormous value in 
being able to pick out parts of expressions and to move beyond the
'dead' expressions that displayed in textbooks!

David Bailey

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