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Re: Re: LaTex to Mathematica

I tried something similar, but using ToExpression[...,"TeXForm"], 
likewise removing the trailing "\\" from the original.

(I was surprised that Mathematica just ignored the "&", which is 
evidently in the original expression because that expression is part of 
a larger LaTeX construct such as a \begin{align}...\end{align).

However, I was unable to see how to let Mathematica itself convert the 
single backslashes, which of course are interpreted as escape symbols, 
to the needed double-backslashes.  The obvious thing,

   expr = "\ln{H}^{*} &=  {X}_{1} {\beta}_{1}  + {\alpha}_{1}lnE+ \

   expr/. "\"->"\\"

does not work, of course.

Jens-Peer Kuska wrote:
> Hi,
> ImportString[
>    "$ln{H}^{*}&={X}_{1} \
> {\\beta}_{1}+{\\alpha}_{1}lnE+{\\varepsilon}_{1}$",
>    "TeX"] // NotebookPut
> ??
> Regards
>    Jens
> snowrain wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Does anyone know how to convert LaTex file to Mathematica ? 
>> For example, the formula that I typed in LaTex is:  
>> ln{H}^{*} &=  {X}_{1} {\beta}_{1}  + {\alpha}_{1}lnE+ {\varepsilon}_{1}\\
>> If I copy the above LaTex command to Mathematica, it only shows the
>> original LaTex command. I'd like to have symbols for beta, alpha, and also
>> for subscript and superscript. That is, I hope it looks like the pdf file
>> that LaTex produces instead of showing "\beta", "\alpha", etc. 
>> Please advise. 
>> thanks a lot !
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