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Re: very long dendrogram

Paul Slater wrote:


> However, if I try to produce the full (very long)
> dendrogram or even use the command, say,
> TruncateDendrogram->{1,25}], , using say
> Orientation->Right, the result is
> not readable, being "crammed" into a small space.
> So, I would like to expand this space by several orders.



You can use the option *ImageSize* like in any other plot command. Note 
that this option is not listed by Options[DendrogramPlot] and is 
displayed in red by the syntactic checker. Nevertheless, it works like a 
charm :) For instance,

   data = RandomInteger[{1, 100000}, {100}];
   DendrogramPlot[data, LeafLabels -> (# &), Orientation -> Right]
   DendrogramPlot[data, LeafLabels -> (# &), Orientation -> Right,
    ImageSize -> 5000]

-- Jean-Marc

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