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Re: Maximize


a) you mean Equal[] instead of Set[]

Maximize[{g + (1 - g)*x - (g/2)*x^2 - (g/2)*v,
   x == (a/c) + sqrt ((d/c)*(v - 1/c))}, x]

b) that is nonsense because you have one equation
    for x, you can insert this into your objective
    function and you get a constant with respect to
    x. So there is nothing to minimize


Gregory Lypny wrote:
> Not sure why this won't work.  I'm trying to maximize with respect to  
> x subject to a constraint.  I get an error message saying that the  
> constraint is not a valid variable.
> Maximize[
> g + (1-g)*x -(g/2)*x^2 - (g/2)*v,
>   x = (a/c) + sqrt((d/c)*(v - 1/c)),
> x
> ]

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