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RE: Re: Manipulate evaluates repeatedly - how do i stop it


I am working on several complex notebooks with features which involve
intricate interactions among dynamic variables within Manipulate constructs.
As per me, the info available for Manipulate and Dynamics in the
Documentation Center is neither clear nor wide enough to be used easily. Too
much trial an error effort to understand, what, in my humble opinion, is
most times really tricky to deal with. The Demonstrations are just tiny
examples and no very realistic from a practical point of view (yet they are
fancy examples, anyway). I wonder whether there is available any large
tutorial, technical document, or special purpose large notebook to make
things a bit easier.

I am still in Mathematica V6.0.1, since I have not been able to find in the
Wolfram site any info on the new the features available in the new releases

Any help will be welcome.

E. Mart=EDn-Serrano

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Manipulate does not locally scope all symbols in its first argument.
Only the control parameters are scoped locally. Manipulate tracks all
symbols by default. So, if you have two Manipulates on the screen at the 
same time and they both contain the same global symbols, they will
trigger each other causing constant update checks.

You can use the option TrackedSymbols:>{list of control parameters}

to make Manipulate only track the control parameters and not the global
sysmbols in the Manipulate body.

Hope this helps.

-Jeff Bryant
Wolfram Research, Inc.

robert prince-wright wrote:
> Does anyone know how to stop two Manipulate objects from appearing to
re-evaluate when they are both visble in a Notebook window?
> I have created a two Manipulate objects that display interactive graphics.
Each one is contained in separate output cells which means, in principle,
the variables used inside the Manipulates are Localized. The names of the
sliders are the same in each Manipulate (but that shouldn't matter?).
> When one Manipulate is visible the RHS Bracket around the cell shows the
normal state for a cell that has been evaluated, however, when you scroll
and both are visible in the notebook window the cell brackets start to flash
with double lines and yellow suggesting the cell is re-evaluating.
> Any ideas on how to stop this?
> Robert

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