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Re: Conditional Plotting

luko wrote:
> New to Mathematica..
> I would like to plot a function of x and y similar to a DensityPlot, but filled (black) if f(x,y)>0, and not filled for f(x,y)<0. 
> I use Mathematica 4.2.


You have two choices.  Either use the ColorFunction option (something 
like DensityPlot[f[x,y], {x,-1,1}, {y,-1,1}, ColorFunction -> 
(If[#>0,Black,White]&), ColorFunctionScaling->False]), or transform you 
function so that it returns only two values: 
DensityPlot[UnitStep@f[x,y], {x,-1,1}, {y,-1,1}]

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