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Re: problem with Inset moving text

Hi Camille,
the text is centered. Therefore, it will move when the length changes. 
To prevent this, either make the number always the same size:
NumberForm[c // N, {4, 3}]
or even better, place the text at an definite location by useing the 
second and third argument of Inset:
\[Pi])/3,"Value c"},-1,2 Pi,0.001}]
hope this helps, Daniel
Camille JORDAN wrote:
> I am trying to use Inset but have a problem in 6.0.1
> see this code
> Manipulate[
>  Graphics[
>   {Circle[],
>    Inset[Style[StringJoin["value:", ToString[N[c]]], Blue, 20]]
>    }
>   ]
>  , {{c, (2 \[Pi])/3, "Value c"}, -1, 2 Pi, 0.001}]
> use the slide to go to value 1.609
> and then it jumps into value 1.61
> the problem I have is that the text jumps horizontaly
> any way to make the text fix so it will not jump?
> this happens because the numbers 1.609 and 1.61 are different in leght
> any solution?

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