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Re: Part or Partition or Split or Extract or ...... ????

On Feb 14, 7:05=A0am, Bill Rowe <readnews... at> wrote:
> On 2/13/08 at 4:08 AM, spidersa... at (Mayneord) wrote:
> >First I tried the way Bill Rowe has suggested
> >A =Import["new3.txt","Lines"];
> >In[2]:= GetridOFF = A[[1]] Out[2]= (300a,011c) DS
> >[25\55] =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 # =A0 6, 2 \ LeafJawPositions
> >In[3]:= StringReplace[GetridOFF,{RegularExpression@"^.+\
> >\["->"",RegularExpression@= "\[.+$"->""}]
> <error msg snipped>
> You have a typo. There is an '=' character following the '@'
> character in the second RegularExpression that should not be
> there. That is causing the error message.
> Also, if you convert expressions to Input form before copying
> them and pasting them into email they will be much more readable.
> --
> To reply via email subtract one hundred and four

Dear Bill Rowe,

Thank you so much for our help.
With slight modification now i can read the data without any problem.

thanks again......


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