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Re: Garbage collection and mutable data structures

On Feb 16, 2008, at 3:33 AM, massyah at wrote:

> Hi MathGroup,
> This snippet of code is giving me headaches:
> -----
> $HistoryLength = 0;
> NewCell[i_] := Module[{c}, CellVal[c] ^= i; c]
> MemoryInUse[]
> NewCell /@ Range[10^5];
> MemoryInUse[]
> -----
> It occurred while trying to build mutable data structures by using
> upvalues. I can't understand why the temporary variable c is not freed
> since I don't keep any reference to it.
> Have I missed something in the reference counting scheme ?

I don' think so, have you accounted for the memory used to hold the  
values of CellVac[c]?  I did run into a problem with v6 in that a  
large array I was allocating inside a Module was not being freed in  
certain circumstances but that code followed a different pattern than  
yours.  The problem was resolved by explicitly releasing the variable  
in the Module.



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