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Re: Using Mathematica figures in MS Word documents

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  • Subject: [mg85757] Re: Using Mathematica figures in MS Word documents
  • From: "Steve Luttrell" <steve at>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 17:58:53 -0500 (EST)
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If you resize the graphic in Mathematica so that it is larger, then Copy As 
Bitmap to MS Word, then in MS Word resize back to whatever (smaller) size 
you wanted in the first place, you can get very good results. Experiment 
with the resizing factor to find what suits your requirements.

Alternatively, if you make careful use of PlotPoints -> <large number> (or 
whatever is needed to control the plotting accuracy), then you can use Copy 
As Metafile to obtain good results in MS Word.

Stephen Luttrell
West Malvern, UK

"Nazdrovje" <nazdrovje at> wrote in message 
news:fphd7c$8lu$1 at
> Using Mathematica I'm able to generate lovely graphs and figures.
> However, I'm almost always disappointed about the quality when I copy
> them to Word documents (and I really, really need them in Word;
> Mathematica as a wordprocessor is not an option in my case).
> Copying as WMF (windows meta file) will result in most figures (except
> the most simple ones with straight lines) to look ugly. Smooth lines
> will be chopped into many wiggly line segments etc. I've covered the
> font problem by having everybody that uses my docs downloading the
> Mathematica fonts.
> Copying as bitmap is also not really an option. On screen it's
> acceptable, but printed it'll look ugly.
> The only thing that seems to work is to export the graphics as EPS
> with a bitmap preview and including this in Word. This yields good
> output on the printer, and a somewhat less good (and less accurate)
> preview on screen causing my textprocessing department to bug me with
> questions about figure quality. Apart from that, it's a very clumsy
> process, which also increases file size unnecessarily. At least I'd
> like to have this as a menu option ('Copy as EPS with preview'). I'm
> not sure whether a corresponding paste would work in Word, though.
> I use lots of programs that are able to embed their graphics in word
> as an OLE object (Statistica,Excel,Flowcharter). This seems to work
> great as far as quality is concerned. Wouldn't this be an option for
> Mathematica?
> Any thoughts or solutions on this?

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