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Re: Maximize Command - Problem

Well, Syd sent me an email and told me to try this:(well, I forgot to mention that we have to define a=1;b=1;c=1;d=1;)

>fun[x_, y_, z_] =4*(a^2 + (b^2 + c^2 +d^2) (Cos[x])^2*(Cos[y])^2*(Cos[z])^2 + (b*Cos[x]*Cos[y]*Cos[z] +Cos[x]*Sin[y] + d*Sin[x])^2);

And then:

>Maximize[{fun, -Pi/2 < x < Pi/2 && -Pi/2 < y < Pi/2 && 0 < z < 2*Pi}, {x, y,z}]

It displayed an error. So I modified to

>Maximize[{fun[x, y, z], -Pi/2 < x < Pi/2 && -Pi/
    2 < y < Pi/2 && 0 < z < 2*Pi}, {x, y, z}]

And the command runs for a while and then it displays my input.
Omg, this is frustrating, I dont know what´s the problem.

Thank you anyway Syd.

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