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Re: ImageSize option when exporting PDFs

On Jan 17, 2:02 am, Szabolcs Horv=E1t <szhor... at> wrote:
> When exporting EPS graphics, theImageSizeoption can be set in
> Export[].  These produce graphics of different sizes:
> Export["gr.eps", Graphics[Circle[]],ImageSize-> 150]
> Export["gr.eps", Graphics[Circle[]],ImageSize-> 300]
> But this does not work for PDF.  These produce identical graphics:
> Export["gr.pdf", Graphics[Circle[]],ImageSize-> 150]
> Export["gr.pdf", Graphics[Circle[]],ImageSize-> 300]
> A workaround is to use the option inside Graphics, like this:
> Export["gr.pdf", Graphics[Circle[],ImageSize-> 150]]
> Export["gr.pdf", Graphics[Circle[],ImageSize-> 300]]
> but this is very inconvenient because it affects screen display too.
> Is it intentional thatImageSizedoes not work with PDFs (if yes, why?),
> or is it a bug?

So... is this the recommended practice to get a pdf of the
desired size with 6.0?

-- m

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