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Re: small init.m problem

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  • Subject: [mg84535] Re: small init.m problem
  • From: Jerry <JLK2941 at>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 05:31:34 -0500 (EST)
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David, thanks, that works too. I guess I don't understand 
what use SetDirectory is if $Path specifies where files are 
to be found. HELP talks a lot about the "current working 
directory" but never defines what that means (that I could 
find). It seems that $Path defines a list of "current 
working directories".

David Reiss wrote:
> One question that I would raise (aside from the correction to the
> backslash that others have already give to you) is whether
> SetDirectory  is really the command that you want to use.  Remember
> that SetDirectory sets your working directory to be the indicated
> directory.  So, I'd offer that perhaps you are wanting to actually add
> the directory to $Path:
> ?$Path
> $Path gives the default list of directories to search in attempting \
> to find an external file.
> If this is what you want (for example if there is a package in the
> directory that you'd like to load using Needs) then use the following
> command in yout init.m file:
> AppendTo[$Pathe, thedirectory]
> --David
> On Dec 31 2007, 9:21=A0pm, Jerry <JLK2... at> wrote:
>> I'm using V6.01 under XP.
>> In order to get Mathematica to find files in by backup directory, I
>> put the following in an init.m file in Docs and
>> Settings\MyUserName\Application Data\Mathematica\Kernal :
>> SetDirectory["c:\\Backup\Mma"]
>> It seems to work nicely (it finds my files and outputs files
>> into this directory by default) but every time I run a
>> notebook I get the following in a Messages window:
>> Syntax::stresc: Unknown string escape \M.
>> It doesn't seem to hurt anything and I've been ignoring it
>> for months -- but just for info, can someone please tell me
>> what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

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