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Re: Glitch in online documentation system (a minor bug, actually?)

On Jul 7, 3:05 am, AES <sieg... at> wrote:
> If I open a single Mathematica notebook window, then open a Help window
> such as a function definition or tutorial, the opened Help window does
> not appear in the list of open windows at the bottom of the Mathematica
> Window  menu -- I can't toggle back and forth between the two windows
> using that menu.
> If I then open a _second_ randomly chosen notebook (keeping the first
> one open), all three windows now are listed at the bottom of the Window
> menu.
> And if I close the second notebook, both the first notebook and the Help
> window remain listed at the bottom of the Window menu.  
> But if I close the Help window and re-open a new Help window, it again
> doesn't show up.
> MacBook, OS 10.4.11, Mathematica

Same thing happens to me on my MacPro with Mac OS X 10.4.11 and
Mathematica 6.0.3. Also does this on Windows XP with Mathematica 6.0.3
but after the 2nd notebook window is closed the Help window still
stays in the list of windows, so it is only "invisible" when only 1
notebook is open. It also remains invisible from the list if the Help
window is closed and is started up again if only one other notebook
window is open. If there are no notebooks open then the Help window
does appear in the list of windows if you open a notebook after the
Help window.

> ------------------
> [And while we're on this topic, any one-hand keyboard way to toggle
> between a notebook window and an opened Help window?]

On a Mac you can cycle between all the windows of an application with
Command-` and on a Windows system with CTRL-F6

> [Or alternatively, and better, what's the easiest and most effective way
> to capture individual Help windows (function definitions, tutorials,
> etc) into PDF files -- preferably with some magnification?]  
> [The point to doing the latter is that I can then build up and annotate
> my own "online" help as a PDF document; have a notebook open in
> Mathematica; keep a selected page in the PDF Help document open in
> Acrobat; and toggle back and forth between them instantaneously by
> typing Cmd-Tab with my "keyboard hand" (which on a Mac toggles
> instantly between the two most recently used applications).]

You can print the Help window contents by making sure this Help window
is current by clicking in it, then do a "File/Print" and selecting the
Adobe PDF printer that gets installed when you have Acrobat Pro (there
are other programs than Acrobat Pro that give you a PDF printer). Note
that this will paginate things based on the current page size (see
"File/Printer Settings/Page Setup" to create a custom sized page and
have this custom-sized page currently selected before printing) so if
things dont come out according to what the screen looks or what you
are wanting play with different sized pages before printing ...

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